What's Treat?
How does Treat work?
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My work as an iOS Developer implementing a task management iOS app.


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What's Treat?

Complete your tasks for the day, treat yourself!

Teat is a task management app that uses rewards to incentivize people to be more productive. A lot of existing task management solutions are more focusing on notifying and tracking instead of motivating. The goal of Treat is to motivate users to kill procrastination by "treating" them when finishing tasks.

How does Treat work?

Treat lets you reward yourself for the tasks you do. Every task can be set to a difficulty level. The harder the difficulty level, the more points you can earn by completing the task .

Creating Tasks

Pull down to create new a task and select the credits that the task deserved (Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large)

Completing Tasks

Swiping right to label finished tasks and earn points that can be used for the treats!

Redeeming Treats

Redeem treats using the credit that you earned. We provide popular treats for you and you can also add rewards that can be “redeemed” using the points you accumulated from finishing tasks to treat yourself!


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