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Meet the Team Page

Designing the Meet the Team Page for DiversityPolicy.com


  • figma
  • Invision


2 weeks


Design a Meet the Team page for DiversityPolicy.com to better introduce their community to their user and emphasized the diversity of their company.

The Outcome

A meet the team page with an interactive infographic showing the diverse geolocation of the team members and easing the Filter process.


Lead UX Designer in the team of 4. Designed user flows and new interfaces for the websites. Manage the design team, and communicate with the PM and developer team.


What's the Task?

DiversityPolicy.com is a search query and content aggregator with annotations of university policy – a utility to advance diversity and inclusion. I was tasked to design the Meet the Team page for their website.

With the mission of serving as a community for advancing policy knowledge, insights, and resources that address organizational equity, Diversity Policy emphasizes the inclusiveness and diversity of its community. The Diversity Policy team is comprised of mainly students with diverse backgrounds and specialties from various Universities in the states.

I was tasked to design a Meet the Team page for their website to better introduce their community to their user and emphasized the diversity of their company with target users:


What's the Goal?

Diversity Matters

Diversity Policy wants to highlight the diversity of their team: students coming from diverse backgrounds(locations, universities, specialty, etc.)

encourage involvements

Encourage more people to participate in the community by showing the inclusive company cultures.


How do I reach the goal?

Diversity Policy is with a unique community comprised of mostly college students around the states, which differentiates itself compared to other companies. I want to emphasize the unique company culture by presenting the diversity of the students, however, without providing overwhelming information.

There are different ways to categorizes students information to show the diversity of the communities (see mindmap below)


Initial Idea Wireframe


1st Round Prototype


Final Prototype